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Other foot files leave behind huge messes. Our product is the only motorized callus remover with unique derma-vac technology that sucks up those dead skin shavings WHILE you use it.



Not much in life is more relaxing than a good pedicure. But, those salon visits are expensive to maintain. With Foots Grinder File and Callus Remover, you’ll no longer have to suffer dry, cracked heels in between visits. Now you can have pedicure-worthy feet whenever you want.



The rechargeable battery lets you use Foots Grinder and Callus Remover anywhere. Take it in the car for sandal-ready feet at the beach or to the office to touch up cracked heels in between meetings.



The high-powered micro-abrasion head makes Foots Grinder and Callus Remover the ultimate foot exfoliator. The head spins at over 2000 rpm to remove calluses while buffing and polishing skin.



A regular foot file grates and damages skin, causing pain and discomfort. Foots Grinder and Callus Remover removes uncomfortable calluses smooths cracked heels without damaging your feet!



Shape Material: Plastics

Size: 6.89 * 6.1 * 2.95in / 175 * 155 * 75mm


22 Reviews

Danni Goddard
Verified Buyer
Ok so I don’t usually post a pic on a review(but I felt I had to). Yes, I get it, wow your feet are/were disgusting. My feet were so bad! & I kept picking at the dead skin. My husband kept trying to get me to go get a pedicure, but I don’t like people touching my feet. Yes, I even agree how disgusting I let my feet get & have been so embarrassed to even wear sandals. The feet filer things from the store just didn’t work so I gave up. Finally I said My feet need help. I ordered this product and WOW just WOW. I have added the before and after picture. This is my fav product ever! My feet don’t even look or feel the same. I’m still continuing to use it and making my feet better especially from the places I picked at so bad.

Hamzah Levy
Verified Buyer
I don’t normally go out of my way to write reviews but this thing is both effective and fun! It reminds me of shop class lol but instead of grinding away wood I’m grinding away at my callouses. As others have mentioned it spins just fast enough to remove the dead skin but not too fast that you lose control easily. I haven’t had a pedicure in months due to the pandemic and this makes doing them at home so satisfying! I’ll probably be giving a few of these away as gifts!

Elise Foreman
Verified Buyer
I just received this last night and I tried it out immediately! It's really easy to use . It has a great safety feature which auto-shuts off if you use too much pressure. I found that rolling it around the heel like as if I'm painting helps. It wore away a lot of my rough skin and I'm going to continue using it!

Zaynab Ritter
Verified Buyer
I've been seeing podiatrist about my calluses and he suggested something like this. It took off years worth of calluses in minutes with no pain or problems. Love it!

Ahyan Ventura
Verified Buyer
This product is amazing! The before and after pics are after only one use. I am amazed at how well it work. I charged it fully when I received it and then went to work on my heels. I so wish I had found this product sooner. It preformed beyond my expectations! Highly recommend!

Lilly-Mae Mair
Verified Buyer
As in the description and it is OK that it meets the purpose and has arrived intact thanks to the seller

Kalem Houston
Verified Buyer
OMGoodness. If you don’t have one of these, GET one. I just don’t know how I could have ever survived without it. After scraping off all the dead skin (that looked like flour🤮) - my feet are smooth and revitalized. My sister was in FaceTime with me while I used my machine she said to me “please get me one”. I will!

Ivan Hernandez
Verified Buyer
I had an older verse that runs with D size batteries. I tried on, and I am not happy about it the motor was too weak. The New Pedi Vac. Now that is what I am talking about, it has vacuum suck it up, and the motor is strong enough won't stop spinning it! It is FANTASTIC works for me. I am glad and very happy with the Pedi-Vac, Save my day and took my time with it and done the way I wanted to remove the callus I feel it, and it's profession, Now it is so smooth and felt very comfy.

Milan Farmer
Verified Buyer
Thrilled with this item, at least after using it twice. I have terrible calluses on my feet, especially around my big toe. This machine not only smoothed away the calluses I used it on but also smoothed down my big toenail where it had been cut to a bit of a point! I rather dread buying replacement pads since I haven't priced them yet and I expect I'll be using this a lot on feet, hands (calluses at the bases of some fingers), and elbows. Still, very happy to have taken the chance on a made-for-TV product and have it work so well!

Kayleigh Farrow
Verified Buyer
The easiest way to remove heavy duty calluses on your feet. I did not want to do a video of my ugly feet so I will just explain that I have reoccurring calluses bother me and have used a Pedi egg for about three years now. This is my second one and it is the only way to go for a moving sick bothersome calluses and smoothing the heels of your feet. Highly recommend it.

Shiloh Church
Verified Buyer
Works great .... Just keep it moving do not let it sit in one spot to long.

Alejandro Wade
Verified Buyer
I had not gotten a pedi since last November and living in a very cold climate I wear socks all the time. My heels and feet were like sand paper, all rough and flaky. I used this on as soon as I received it, it did take time due to the condition of my feet but the end result was like baby skin. I really think it does a better job than when I have a professional pedicure done. It is very easy to use and yes you do need to follow the directions on holding it in the area for a few seconds. It has a usb cord and charges very fast, the two speeds are great also it has great sanding power. I highly recommend it and have told friends and family about it.

Lillie-Rose Power
Verified Buyer
I've been seeing podiatrist about my calluses and he suggested something like this. It took off years worth of calluses in minutes with no pain or problems. I can't believe how well it works!

Angel Strong
Verified Buyer
I've owned plenty of these pedi devices. This is by far the very best. For once I didn't have to wear a mask to avoid inhaling dead skin. This is gentle, yet very effective. The way it's made, works so well to collect the skin that's removed, and very easy to dispose and clean it. Love it!

Brooke Holland
Verified Buyer
Worked far better than expected. Removed thick, cracking heel calluses, with only 2 two minute uses. I thought I was going to have to see a podiatrist to help with my heel calluses, but this little gizmo fixed the problem in about four minutes of use. If it broke right now, and never ran again, I would still be completely satisfied with this purchase.

Anam Shelton
Verified Buyer
I have had callous feet my entire life, ever since I can remember. Over the years I have used various tools, both hand and electric. By far this is the best too ever!!! The dry calloused skin was removed in no time at all, without any residual waste. The set up was easy, only had to charge the unit. If you are looking for a way to keep your feet soft and attractive, buy the Pedi Vac now, you won't be sorry!

India Trevino
Verified Buyer
Works way better than I expected. Very happy with my purchase! Cleaned up my dry cracking heels in just a few minutes. Amazing!!!

Emmie Field
Verified Buyer
I have corns that come up on the side and bottom of my foot. I can quickly sand them down so they won't irritate my foot. I love this.

Duke Sinclair
Verified Buyer
Works well. Long lasting after a single charge. Really removes dead skin. Purchased a 2nd for a family member who fell in love with mine.

Ryker Costa
Verified Buyer
This is an awesome product! It works great, def cleans off all the dead skin and there isn't a mess! Love it and highly recommend!

Steve Hall
Verified Buyer
This is a great item to get that foot smooth. I enjoy this mini Pedi egg shaped scraper it got me feet looking sweet

Deniz Holt
Verified Buyer
Awesome item. I actually got this for the wife and since I’m a blue collar man, I have been using it on my hands xD it’s awesome

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