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It is also a toy that helps us release stress.



That is not dangerous and suitable for parties/children/outdoors, then I strongly recommend you to buy this toy.



When you are in a bad mood, you can treat it as your bad mood and hit it heavily on any surface without leaving any traces. When you pull off the surface of the object, it will make a pleasant pop sound.



1. Determine the target location. Place the orange “target” toy on any surface (For example: desktop/window glass/car hood/refrigerator/mobile sweeping robot (difficulty))

2. Everyone gets the same number of “darts” toys. At the same distance, throw at the “target” toy. closest=3 points and each that stick=1 point. 



The material is made of high-grade silicone rubber, which is super soft and does not leave any traces. So you can use it on any surface.



1 set: 4 Blue Darts Toys+4 Green Darts Toy+1 Orange Target Marker


18 Reviews

Iga Wilkes
Verified Buyer
I ordered two sets and both came, and I kept one and gave the other away as a gift. I have not stopped playing since I got them and it has brought my family back up doing activities together. I go around to my relatives houses and bring it and they all love it and I just want to thank you because this set has been the most enjoyable family activity we have had for a long time! I’m sure my family will be ordering many more!

Rhys Wagstaff
Verified Buyer
My wife bought these, during the first pre-order round. At first it was fun, just messing around the house practicing. Then I was invited to a tournament, and I was immediately hooked!! 1:1 match play is competitive & creative, with a H-O-R-S-E style 'call your shot'. Quickly we learned certain shots required different style throws, and each player has there own strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited by maintaining control of the target marker. It takes a little practice, but I'm lethal with these things from almost any shot!

Elle-May Crawford
Verified Buyer
Sucker Toys is an awesome party game! You can play it almost anywhere and there are a lot of videos online about different challenges you can do. I have a had a set for awhile now and it has held up great. People love to play sucker Toys!

Devin Alford
Verified Buyer
Absolutely love these items, Overall a great purchase.

Brayden Morales
Verified Buyer
I picked up a set while waiting for my pre orders to come. This is an addicting game even playing solo. My suggestion, go to their actual web page to buy in order to know you are getting the authentic ones.

Arman Cole
Verified Buyer
I was really impressed with the quality of the product. It comes in a nice bag and is very portable. They are perfect for the kids, but I found the adults enjoyed it just as much. I can't say enough good things about this game! I bought this as a gift for my husband and he loves playing it with his friends. If you want to be ahead of the trends, get this set because before long, this is going to be a household name!

Kristopher Hastings
Verified Buyer
This Game is great. Really easy to play. My 9 year old cousin picked it up in a few minutes and became a pro at the tomahawk throw within 20 minutes. Terrible choice on my part. Don’t be me. Buy these they are the real deal. My grandma is pretty good too. She’s a sniper, always sneaking in the 3 point shot to take the round.

Marshall Gibson
Verified Buyer
I got these for my sons birthday. The look on his face of "what the hell are these" was worth the purchase alone. We had a bit of trouble getting them to stick at first, but it was definitely caused by our lack of skill and not their ability to stick. If thrown properly (no flipping) they will suction to the table our countertop and be impressively tough to pop back off. We got better and could consistently stick most throws up to 15 feet away. We altered some rules and add higher scoring distances, so a person could risk it for the biscuit. I am sure many drinking games could be devised from these little suckers. Get those beer brains going.

Cosmo Mcgregor
Verified Buyer
Challenging and fun for all !!! Me and my wife like to play after supper !! Great stress reliever!

Dorothy Wardle
Verified Buyer
Keeps everyone entertained. Do no stick to your forehead!

Cruz Patterson
Verified Buyer
Fun game for the kids, durable and easy to use.

Taiba Dalby
Verified Buyer
I saw this game on social media and thought I had to have it, it looked fun! I brought it with me to a get away weekend for Memorial Day and the friend group gave it a try and they enjoyed it! It’s such a simple concept, yet so fun as either a yard game or indoor game. If you like beer pong, cornhole, or even horseshoes, you will definitely enjoy this game!

Keiron Humphries
Verified Buyer
a lot of fun! all ages can play. awesome drinking game too.

Izaac Preece
Verified Buyer
Fun game for all ages. Grand kids ages 10-15 loved it along with their parents. Played inside and out. Well made, nice weight to the. I highly recommend. I bought two sets to use together.

Zarah Fountain
Verified Buyer
The product worked as expected and the kids loved it! Adults too!

Lina Byers
Verified Buyer
Awesome game! Great for an inside game with the kids in the evening or outside on nice days! Fun for the whole family!

Olly Ali
Verified Buyer
Genuine nice people in charge. The product came in perfect condition. I plan to use it in my 5th grade classroom. I hope the kids will enjoy it. I can't not speak enough positivity about the service of this company. Top notch and will recommend to others!

Bryony Hayes
Verified Buyer
We really enjoy this game and it’s easy to travel with!

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