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Make your pet happy with safe, professional-grade grooming from the comfort of your home!


Main Features

2-in-1 DUAL HEAD -Start with 9 teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with 17 teeth side for thinning and de-shedding. Achieve faster and more professional hair removal and grooming results!


SAFE Dematting Comb – No-scratch rounded outside teeth gently massage the pet skin. Meanwhile, the teeth inner side is sharp enough to smoothly cut through the toughest mats, tangles, and knots.


CLEAN and COMFORTABLE – Regular brushing easily removes dead undercoat so no fur goes flying. Skin massage ensures better blood circulation promoting a healthy and shiny coat. Perfect for medium and long-haired pets.


ENJOY THE TIME with your pets – Soft ergonomic anti-slip grip makes regular combing convenient & relaxed. No-rust stainless steel teeth are ultra DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN.


PERFECT GIFT for all pet lovers – Our de-shedding rake is a multi-purpose grooming tool, a must-have pet hair Remover, it would be a great gift choice for all pets lovers.




Using Methods

Use this tool to slowly comb the hair behind the ears, chest, abdomen, etc. of your lovely pets.



Product Size: 103*175mm

Package Contents: Pet Safe Dematting Comb × 1
Main Material: Stainless steel


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.




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20 Reviews

Imran Maynard
Verified Buyer
Finally! My six years' feeling of guilt over failing to keep well-groomed my most-difficult-to-deal-with cat is over! The Undercoat Rake actually does what it claims to do!

Nasir Hays
Verified Buyer
Where has this been all my life?! I just got this brush, and I tried it for 2 minutes. It's all it took to get the knots out. Amazing. No pulling. BUY THIS BRUSH!

Brielle Valenzuela
Verified Buyer
Amazing! We've been through 2 furminators and a grooming quality steel toothed comb and NOTHING compares to this! We have a Pomeranian with multiple coats who doesn't naturally shed her undercoat without it being brushed out. This cuts her weekly brush time IN HALF! If you have a dog or cat who mats easily, I'd recommend this 1000 times over.

Kye Collier
Verified Buyer
This brush is amazing.My cat has long fur and has been pretty lazy about grooming since getting hit by a car about five years ago, so her fur clumps really badly. What is upsetting is that I brush her all the time. I have one of those cat brushes you buy at the local bog box store. It had a bunch of V shaped wire tines and is about 2 inches by three inches across.

Dawn Dunne
Verified Buyer
AMAZING!!! All I can say is buy this especially if you own a golden or two ❤ This will drastically reduce the amount of fur in our house! I am not sure why I'd never heard of an undercoat rake before

Gabrielle Montes
Verified Buyer
My cat likes to roll around in dirt, and I, never having had a long haired cat before him, assumed his grooming would handle the potential ick. It doesn't help that he hates brush time. Imagine my surprise when I was petting him and felt a clump of fur that traveled down his side. His belly was especially bad--I was so horrified and I might have cried a little while I tried to brush him and repeatedly apologized for being the dumbest cat mom ever. In my defense, I've never had a cat that had mats before.

Josh Irvine
Verified Buyer
We brought in an older cat that some friends were taking care of (she had been left behind, thrown out - not sure, she has a microchip and we could not find the owner) but these kind, older people were feeding her. They were afraid that she would not make it when they were not at their house for a 2-4 week period.

Charley Gilbert
Verified Buyer
My other dematter is gone missing. That one was cheaper, but a bit hard to handle. This one is comfy-er, although much more expensive (more than twice the price of the previous one).

Diogo Shepherd
Verified Buyer
My Mom feeds feral cats. A few had litters in her garage before we caught them to have them spayed. We brought them back when done since they were also born there. Anyway, I ended up taking home a semi-feral, Maine Coon mix kitten who doesn’t groom herself.

Jamil Power
Verified Buyer
I was a long-haired dachshund breeder and had a terrible time with stickers and burrs from weeds getting caught up in my dog's fur. I think I tried every product on the market.

Bronwyn Hamer
Verified Buyer
I have a golden retriever puppy and she recently had her first major coat shedding. I have a slicker brush and pin brush... and I brushed and brushed and brushed, only to have clumps of hair popping out all over the house and car. Then I saw this grooming rake being recommended by a groomer, so I thought - let's give it a shot before my husband went bananas or the vacuum broke from a.m. and p.m. daily use.

Ravinder Jordan
Verified Buyer
My Golden Retriever had a halo of fuzz from about mid-side all the way around his body. Many have said it is "spay" coat. I am not sure what is going on, but I was told to try the GoPets Dematting Comb. The person who recommended it told me that she had tried many tools like the GoPet, but none worked except the GoPets.

Lindsey Schroeder
Verified Buyer
This works EXCELLENT we have 2 100 lb+ Great Pyrnese Livestock Guardian Dogs that live outside 24/7/365 (just try to drag one inside, we dare you) we never though about leash training them as they are with the livestock all the time.

Tess Kerr
Verified Buyer
Really helps with shedding. My two indoor cats are shedders! I brushed them everyday but it still didn't help with the hairballs and hair everywhere. My niece suggested this tool and it is a lie.

Yaqub Gross
Verified Buyer
Best Product ever for the right dog.

Sohail Ashley
Verified Buyer
This is hands down the BEST TOOL! We tried everything to get the mats off our ten year old cat. We had a vet appointment to get him shaved but can now cancel!!! This arrived in the mail today and just like that the mats are GONE. Our cat is also a very scardy cat and gets nervous with new things.

Dave Macleod
Verified Buyer
My 19yo cat has arthritis and can't really groom her back area near the tail. This is also a place she does not liked to be touched, so brushing her with regular fur brushes for more than a few minutes ends with me getting scratched and hissed at.

Kareem Estes
Verified Buyer
I bought this for my long-haired cat who absolutely hates to be brushed, but was getting mats near his rear end. I didn’t want him to have to be shaved, but I knew I needed something that would do the job quickly so I wouldn’t stress him out too much. I have a furminator, which is effective but can be painful when pulling at mats. People said this was gentler, so I gave it a try.

Ella Vance
Verified Buyer
I have a 20+ pound 1 year old Maine Coon kitten that has fur for days.

Corben Huerta
Verified Buyer
I haven't quite figured out when you are searching for an item, sometimes you find the item being sold by a gazillion other companies. I always thought products, for the most part, were exclusive to a few companies. Anyway...

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